The Great White House

Wildlife Tours

The Great White House offers tours with South Africa's incredible Marine Big 5, offering you the opportunity to see whales, dolphins, great white sharks, cape fur seals and the african penguin in their natural habitat.

Experience the Marine Big 5

  • Whale and bird watching

    The only place where you have a chance of seeing the Marine Big 5 Learn more

    Your experience includes:

    • Gansbaai's ONLY custom-built whale watching vessel
    • Your chance to see the Marine Big 5
    • Refreshments served onboard
    • Incredible photographic opportunities
    Whale and bird watching
  • Pelagic Encounters

    If you would like to see and photograph albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters, then this trip is for you. Learn more

    Your experience includes:

    • Amazing photographic opportunities
    • Expert skippers and bird tour guides
    • Chance to see over 20 species of bird
    • Tours available all year round
    Pelagic Encounters