Meet our new Chef at the Great White House

VIP Dinner – Chef Chris Pead Introduction

VIP Dinner – Chef Chris Pead Introduction

Posted by Kristen, Marketing Manager on May 21, 2014


We are privileged to welcome new head chef Mr Chris Pead to the Great White House restaurant.

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On Tuesday 20 May 2014 a welcome party was arranged for Chef Pead; where he surprised us with a three course dinner that was not only 5-star quality but an unbeatable dining experience.

A selected few were invited to enjoy the quality food and superior service provided at the Great White House in Kleinbaai.

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The menu consisted of:

Starter: Camembert and Green Fig Parcels with Cranberry Coulis

Main: Hunters Style Pork Fillet on Macaire Potatoes with a Medley of Garden Fresh Vegetables

Dessert: Peach Cobbler with Crème Anglaise

This event was just a taste of what is to come; Chris will put his twist on the general menu in the near future; putting his 26 years of experience to work. Chris has had a love for food since he was a small boy; entering his first baking competition at 5 years old. He has managed large quantities of kitchens and catering companies, a smaller task at the Great White House has allowed him to get back to the food and be creative.

VIP Dinner

Our traditional menu is different to the event menu listed above; specializing in fresh locally harvested seafood. The menu includes many local and international favourites and the mouth-watering seafood platter should be a ‘must try’ dish on everyone’s list.
Chris’s bold and flawless skill fits right in with the majestic whale skeleton décor hanging overhead at the Great White House, adding superior dining quality to an already beautiful surrounding.

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VIP Dinner – Chef Chris Pead Introduction