Shark and whale gift shop

Gift Shop


The gift shop is stocked with a variety of special items including Rudi Project Eyewear (a proud sponsor of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust); Go Pro versatile cameras and accessories; iTech (Italian made) branded jackets and gear.

About the gift shop

Most people like to have a memorabilia, something big or small to remember a place; an event or an experience.

Perhaps you would like to buy your better half a marine big 5 inspired piece of jewellery or maybe you need something warm after returning from a Great White Shark Cage Dive. Other items stocked at the gift shop are Marine Dynamics branded clothing; Bondiblu eyewear; abalone shells; beadwork; books (some signed by author); toys; postcards; local arts and crafts; handbags; waterproof cameras; fossilised sharks teeth and swimwear.

Come and browse while enjoying a delicious meal at the adjacent Great White House Restaurant; and take a piece of the experience with you.

Remember to get one of your very own locally made bird nectar or seed feeders and attract birdlife to your own home.

General products

  • Postcards
  • Replica Shark Teeth
  • Shark diving t-shirts
  • Jewellery
  • Local arts and crafts
  • Abalone shells
  • Books
  • Bondiblu eyewear
  • Toys
  • Handbags and beadwork


  • GoPro Cameras & Accessories
  • Special artwork prints
  • Fossilised sharks teeth
  • iTech branded clothing and gear
  • Rudi Projects eyewear


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